Have you ever noticed the large areas of wildflowers along the interstates and highways as you travel in North Carolina? The North Carolina Wildflower Program  is part of the highway beautification program in the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The wildflower beds are planted and maintained by the Roadside Environmental Unit.The program includes soil preparation, fumigation, planting, mulching and maintaining the wildflower areas.

Sunflowers on Highway 64

Funding for the program comes from revenue of the sale of personalized license plates and direct contributions to the wildflower program. Contributions can be made to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. So next time you travel in North Carolina and see a beautiful wildflower bed in the median or along side the highway remember how it got there. And for your safety please don’t stop and pick the flowers. Just enjoy the beautiful view!

Find out more about the North Carolina Wildflower Program…

Beautiful Wildflowers Along NC Highways and the North Carolina Wildflower Program

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