A funny rumor and true stories related to government shutdown and our great nation:

  • Helicopter dropped drape over Mt Rushmore to obstruct view of monument. (rumor!)
  • Grand Canyon is a ghost town. Two dozen citations written by park officials for people trying to sneak into the park.
  • School Bus route using road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park had to be rerouted because road was in national park land and road was closed to all traffic.
  • National Park Service Guards held a tour group under armed guard in a Yellowstone National Park and told group that they weren’t to “recreate.”
  • Couple that own a cabin on federal land in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, kicked out of their home. Told they had 24 hours to clear out and stay out until the government reopens.


Funny and Not So Funny Stories About Government Shutdown Across the Nation
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