Map of North Carolina

Here is a map of North Carolina. We share boarders with Virginia to the north, Tennessee to the west, Georgia to the southwest and South Carolina to the south. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the east forming the world famous North Carolina Outer Banks. The state has a wide range of elevations. The highest elevation in North Carolina is in the western part of the state at Mt. Mitchell (6684 ft). The lowest area of the state is at the coast at sea level.

North Carolina has three main geographic areas:

  • Atlantic Coastal Plain – the eastern 45% of the state
  • Piedmont region – the middle area that covers 35%
  • Appalachian Mountains and foothills – that is in the western portion and covers 20%


This map can be zoomed to show street level or scaled back to show statewide areas.

North Carolina
North Carolina Mountains to the Coast
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