Memorable Tour Places in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC
Wilmington, NC on the Cape Fear River

The town of Wilmington,NC is one of the most lavish and highly attractive cities that every traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime. There is no end to the wonders and pleasures in this beautiful port city at the disposal of those who seek to curve out some time from their busy schedules. Wilmington is an attractive port city within New Hanover County. The city is the administrative seat of the county. Wilmington NC was established as a Coast Guard City and remains of great significance to the inhabitants along the Cape Fear River and the surrounding beaches.

Whether you are on your maiden trip to the city or have been there a couple of times earlier, you should sample the unique delights of certain places of great significance. The River walk that stretches for nearly one mile along the Cape Fear River should be your first priority. The serene and tranquil spectacle of the river imparts a lasting memory. The River walk also gives you a view of the attractive skyline of the entire city in its full architectural finesse.

Lovers of nature should never leave Wilmington NC without seeing nature’s splendor at the Airlie Gradens, New Hanover County Arboretum, and the Poplar Grove Plantation. First time visitors at the Airlie Gardens will experience the  beauty of the Butterfly House as they enjoy the colorful swarm of butterflies that fly over their heads. Some travelers consider the Butterfly House as the closest that anyone can ever come to a super-real wonderland of dreams and paradise. The Hanover County Arboretum offers a vast variety of flora and plants. The arboretum is ideal for honeymooners, lovers, couples, or solitary individuals seeking some moments of calm and peace from the ectic world we live it.

For those who desire some entertainment, the Regal Mayfaire Cinemas and the Brown Coat Pub are the ideal places of choice. Lovers of cinema and entertainment hold the Regal Mayfaire Cinemas in high regard because of its beauty, cleanliness, order, and the various refreshments available. Those who have been there before will easily agree that it is one of the best places in Wilmington NC where you can take a loved one. The Orton Plantation is another attractive place to go for visitors. The place is favorite for travelers especially in the evening.

Each year Wilmington has the popular North Carolina Azalea Festival in April. Many people attend this festival to enjoy the warmer temperatures of the spring time. The azaleas are in bloom and the trees are just started to bud out. Its a favorite time of year after the cold winter months and the perfect time of year to enjoy an outdoor festival to kick off the spring time.

The USS North Carolina, a World War II battleship, is held as a war memorial and located on the Cape Fear River and just across from the Wilmington downtown port area The ship is open to the public for touring. Wilmington is also the home of EUE Screen Gems Studios. The studio opened in 1984 and since then the

World War II Battleship USS North Carolina
World War II Battleship USS North Carolina

Wilmington area has become a major center of American film and television production including movies and television series. Many television shows have been filmed in Wilmington including Dawson’s Creek, Homeland, Matlock, One Tree Hill, Sleepy Hollow, Revolution and Under the Dome. Movies that were filmed in Wilmington include Safe Haven, Nights in Rodanthe, A Walk To Remember, Enchanted, Firestarter and Iron Man 3.The North Carolina Museum of History has an exhibit Starring North Carolina that celebrates film making in North Carolina. The exhibit includes costumes and props on display that have been used in TV shows and movies filmed in the state.

If you are traveling with your children to Wilmington,NC, then you should immerse them in the full pleasure at the beaches and lavish entertainment in the open gardens, which have plenty of activities. You could follow this with a visit to the Children Museum of Wilmington or the Cameron Art Museum. If time allows, you should not deny them the wonderful delights at Aquatic Safaris and Divers Emporium to witness the thrill and speed of aquatic games and other pleasures. The various activities in Wilmington,NC are plenty and highly mesmerizing.

The Story of the USS North Carolina

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