North Carolina outdoor drama- there are two outdoor drama shows that run through the summer months each year. One is the story of the Cherokee people – their story and culture that plays in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee, NC. The other outdoor drama is the story of the first attempt by an English settlement in 1587 to settle in the New World and then vanished without explanation to this very day.

“Unto These Hills”  can be seen nightly (except on Sunday) May 31- August 16, 2014 at Mountainside Theatre in Cherokee. The show is in the evening time. See Unto These Hills for more details and ticket info.

“The Lost Colony” can be seen nightly May 30- August 22, 2014 at Waterside Theatre within Fort Raleigh National Park on Roanoke Island at the Outer Banks.The show is in the evening time. See The Lost Colony for more details and ticket info.

Both are very good and are two of the longest running and highly awarded outdoor dramas. If you vacation in either areas during the summer months make sure to see one! The stories are both fascinating and educational.


Center map
North Carolina Outdoor Drama at Roanoke Island and Cherokee

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